This helps so i know who needs to have fun doing academic games and who needs to be making up missing work. I created these to help with accountability. My late papers network dropped down to near nothing. No homework pink Slip, teachers pay teachers

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Another way i use this dissertation is as a checklist for missing work. All you do is whip these babies out and read out the list of who will not be playing games or going to recess or whatever discipline measures you choose to take. The difference was that I copied my form out on very ugly green paper. Hope you find this useful! Make sure to print them out on pink paper, hence the name, pink slip! After the kids filled out the form I taped them up to the bottom of my white board. No homework Slip

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  • A child is like a sponge that absorbs their parent s thoughts and viewpoints that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
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Late assignments also lost some points and forms were put in individual files for report cards/conferences, etc. Highly effective for showing parents during parent-teacher conferences when questions regarding grades arise! Last few years I've taught 6-7-8. After 24 hours it had to go home for signature.

  • Although the journal of the reader contributes to writing good literary analysis : write a literary analysis. Research essay: no homework slip free revision included!
  • A summary of Themes in Alice walker's everyday use. No homework Slip / Reflection!
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Similar to my missing work slip. The pink slip is an excellent way to keep documentation to use during parent-teacher conferences. Find this Pin and more on School by readandwrite3. This can go inside of the binder for no homework. Pink, slip - for students who don t have homework.

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Many of the ideas that I have come from pinterest, a great resource, which if you haven t become a part. Anyways, one of the ideas that I found was a no homework Slip.

Kids either turn in their homework or they turn in their no homework Slip but everyone gives me something. I keep all slips in an envelope until the child turns. In about the third quarter I noticed that the late assignments were going up again, so i recopied my form on some very ugly pink paper (the green sheet was so embarrassed it blushed pink ) Late assignments dropped back to near nothing again. The best thing about this is when parents come to conference with you because you now have documentation that the student is turning in late work and it's even in their child's handwriting! The kids really hated those "ugly green sheets". Younger kids might not see the humor. Unless you have the perfect classroom with the perfect students; you have kids who don't turn their homework in on time. They told one of the other junior high teachers and she started to use them, too. The kids had 24 hours to finish the assignment and reclaim the form. Product Description, inspired by wong wong's, "First day's of School this slip was designed with students who did not complete assignments in mind. This offers students the opportunity to explain why they are not turning in an assignment, as well as providing the teacher with documentation for why students have missing assignments. Last year contest I did a similar form to yours. I don't know what grade you teach - my junior high kids took this in stride.

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