184 (b) The provision should apply to refugees wherever found 89 It is imperative that any new provision also settle the issue of extraterritoriality. In his first few books tournier only alludes to original sin,9 but he goes into greater detail in his remaining works.10 In his earlier works he views sin primarily as acts, but midway through his writings he begins to concern himself with sin also. In his earlier works reconciliation was both horizontal-uniting man to man,49 and athe vertical-reconciling man to god.50 This emphasis continues in his middle works51 and later becomes global in scope: it was by Christ's sacrifice that "God wanted to 'reconcile all on earth and in heaven. 9 pr, 209;. Everything was accomplished.124 several observations should be noted regarding this passage. As for the universality of man's sin, this is quite evident throughout tournier's works. It is intended primarily to designate his own form of universalism, obvious in guilt and Grace where he refers to the "universality of salvation,4 the nature of which this thesis purposes to explore. It would be hard to imagine that the australian government could have justified the refusal essay of the tampa on this basis. 3:21-25 ( rs v). "We can see how that with the choice of which we have been speaking in the preceding chapter there goes another, deeper and more costly. 96 Rogers, above, 795. Paul tournier s universalism - dan Musick

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It is necessary, therefore, justice to highlight what the exact parameters of the rule are, so that we are clear exactly when and in what way the rule comes into play. They had requested refugee status from the government of Australia when they entered Australian waters, but their request had been denied. Therefore, states had to create a new category of refugee or else face a humanitarian disaster. 49 fourth, Brunner's views on the reconciliation of all, and God's desire to save all50 are also reflected in tournier's works.51 A final possible Brunnerian influence on tournier could have been his ideas on the possibility of universal salvation. It was intended to consolidate the various international laws and practices impacting on refugees and asylum-seekers. 30- day action Plan for Company

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But his heart needed a kind of conversion, that inner transformation which is brought about by a personal encounter with God."102 There are two primary changes that seem to occur in tournier's understanding of conversion throughout his writings. 122 Roman boed State of Necessity as a justification for Internationally Wrongful Conduct (2000) 3 Yale human Rts. Bovet's notion of the divinity in each person65 may have effected tournier's views on essay the religious experiences of non-Christians. Ii, the non-refoulement principle, a development of the Principle, b 1951 Refugee convention. First, as for those who would threaten with hell, tournier, having spent years resolving the problems caused by such threats against his patients, comes to deny the reality of hell. Endnotes Chapter 3 1 pr, 108. 108 pr 194; al, 76; py,.

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34 manager so what were the justifications used by the macedonian government in this case? Exploitation of fear His reactions against the abuse of certain Scripture passages used to incite fear and to thereby often dominate others34 seems to have effected, in part, two aspects of tournier's universalism. 112 Many of the reforms were designed to curb the judicial activism which saw judges overturning decisions of the refugee review Tribunal, allowing more refugees to obtain visas. Tournier believes that since the source of life is God, a "child is also a child of God; he does not owe his life only to his parents, but also to god, who imparts his own creative power to men."20 Related to this, secondly,. Article 3 of the european Convention on Human Rights prohibits torture or other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment, and therefore provides similar protection for refugees as the torture convention. 66 np, 51; py,.

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