One can write One million as 1000000 but it is not as easy/quick to read. Because of the zeroes. Dont abbreviate the word million. Answered, in one million is 1 with 6 zeros one million million is 1 with 66 or 12 zeros 10 million is 10 with 12 zeros. How do i write 1 million out in numbers. It can mean billion there. But why use an abbreviation that your readers have to google? Image: Fotolia/ieva geneviciene, updated February, donna svei. What would you like to do? Again, if youre desperate for space, use 1K for 1,000. If they dont, they can google it and get a straight answer. Online grammar programs, learn more about styles with my online course, styles for Business Writing (A39). By mary morel, the International Standard, iso 1000:1992/Amd 1:1998 says millions should be abbreviated. And add it to a million 1,000,000 250,000 1,250,000 cause a qaurter is 25 and cause a quarter million is gonna be 1 million plus 250 thousand k? Millions and billions: how to write about them - online Grammar

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Other countries use punctation "." to separate groups of 3 digits. Answered, in, one million, One thousand and sixty. If youre working on a report, or your resume, and youre desperate for space, use 1mm, not. Since one million has six zeros in it, you can simply move the decimal point six places to the right to find your answer of 1,400,000. Many people want to abbreviate million, but it opens the door to confusion. A million is made up of 1 and 6 zeroes so if you say a quarter million just report add a zero in the thousands place. Australian and international standards (as iso 1000:1998) now acknowledge this as standard usage, affirming what has long been established in financial writing. Answered, in one million three hundred thirty thousand 1,330,000. I write executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Baby Blogs at m name Advice, parenting

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Again, its understood that mm means million. . Abbreviation for Thousand, if youre talking thousands, use the number: 1,000. Numbers produce anxiety and confusion in many people. If youre talking millions, use the word — 1 million. While recruiters love to see numbers on resumes, they like them to be accurate (more on that here ) and make easy sense to them. You go from being a hero to being perceived as an underperformer without even realizing. Answered, in, one million equals 1,000,000 Some countries use commas to separate groups of 3 digits. Style manual: For Authors, Editors and Printers (2002 m is preferable to m as long as the context is clear.

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